Announcement for the open competition
for the position of the non-key expert of Branch office Chernivtsi
of the ENI CBC JOP Romania – Ukraine 2014-2020
(hosted by NGO “BAID”)

Job title:
Non-key expert of BO Chernivtsi of the ENI CBC JOP Romania – Ukraine 2014-2020

Eligible areas:
residents of Ivano-Frankivsk and Zakarpattya oblasts

Description of the procedure:
1. Submission of CV on the basis of open competition.
2. Submission of the sufficient supporting documents to evidence the information provided in the CV by the candidate selected after the first stage.
3. Interview with the candidate in case of compliance of supporting documents with the requirements.

Requirements for the applicant:
1. Qualifications and skills
— university degree (communication and public relations, law, European studies, regional development, political sciences, economics, public administration, engineering or equivalent) proved with diplomas, certificates or equivalent;
— fluent in spoken and written English and Ukrainian;
— ability to efficiently operate the computer: texts editing, excel calculation, PowerPoint presentation, internet browser;
— good communication and organizational skills.

2. General professional experience
— minimum 6 months of experience in the management and/or implementation of EU financed projects/programs (participating in EU cross border cooperation programmes represents an advantage).

3. Specific professional experience
— minimum 6 months experience in working with international bodies, or local public sector/ NGOs bodies.
All relevant experience and education should be confirmed by copies of respective documents.

Timeframe of the procedure:
20.07.2017 – deadline for submission of CVs
24.07.2017 – request for supporting documents to the winning candidate
31.07.2017 – deadline for submission of supporting documents
02.08.2017 – interview with the winning candidate

Please send your CV to baid.cv@gmail.com.
Detailed information: +38-050-338-35-93